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March, 2001 Results - Golden Age Comics
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Our U.S. Section starts here with three lots of early pulps:

170 Weird Tales (July 1933) Vol 22: No. 1 Pop. Fiction. Featuring The Dreams In The Witch House by H.P. Lovecraft. Brundage cover art. Tan pages, bright cover colours [fn-]
Winning Bid 121
171 Fantastic Adventures No. 1, 2 (May 1939) Zuff-Davis. Revolt Of The Robots by Arthur Tofte. Science Fiction Vol. 2: No. 2 (1939) [gd] and Science Fiction Plus Vol. 1: No. 6 (1953) Gernsback. Complete reading copies [pr/fr] (4)
Winning Bid 22
172 Superman (1942) Random House N.Y. by George Lowther, illustrated by Joe Shuster. First edition hardcover book with four colour plates, 6 b&w illustrations and 34 chapter sketches of Superman. 215pp. Neat dedication, cream pages, fly page discolouration front and back. Rare.
Winning Bid 204
173 Superman Speed Game (early 1940s) Milton Bradley Co. USA. Serial no: 4848A. Board game complete with four painted wooden pieces, wooden die and oval board. One of the earliest Superman games. Extremely rare in this condition. Box [vfn] slight corner rubs. Board and pieces as new.
Winning Bid 667
174 Superman 44 (1947) starring Lois Lane, Toyman and William Shakespeare! Bright cover, 1 ins split to top spine. [fn-]
Winning Bid 133
175 Batman 34 (1946) The Marathon Of Menace. 2 ins blind tear to top front cover [vg+]
Winning Bid 169
176 Batman 63 (1951) Joker’s Crime Costumes [gd]
Winning Bid 46
177 Mystery In Space 3 (1951) Foxing spots to spine and top margins [gd]
Winning Bid 51
178 Crime Cases 26, 27 (1951): Crime Must Pay The Penalty 19; Mr. District Attorney 21, 22 [vg-]; Justice Traps The Guilty 19. [vg] (6)
Winning Bid 34
179 Smokey Stover 35 (1943) [fr], Sheena 10 (1950) [vg-], Adventures Into The Unknown 24, Blazing West 15, Red Warrior 2, Men’s Adventures 8 (Can), Young Men 7, True Comics 48 [gd] balance [vg-] (8)
Winning Bid 64

Human Torch 36 (1953) Page 5 original artwork by Dick Ayers with alterations by Torch cover artist Carl Burgos and margin note "Fix Flame" by editor Stan Lee.

The comics code of the time decreed that the Torch’s limbs should always be visible beneath the flames and not portrayed as if they were ‘burning’. This was Ayers first work on the Human Torch, thus the involvement of three key individuals in one unique artwork.
Winning Bid 786

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