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Dear Compal Customers,


Our May-June auction has closed. Please return soon to review prices realised in the auction, and for the latest comic book Market Report by Compalcomics Director Malcolm Phillips.

The star lot from our UK section was Magic Comic 1-7 in a bound volume. Bought by the vendor in the mid 1980s it is the highest grade run of early issues offered at auction grading at [fn/fn+].



To see if Koko the Pup, Peter Piper and Uncle Dan the Magic Man can live up to their names – have a look at lot 14’s photographic evidence. Just before those Magics is a very fresh looking Dandy Monster Comic annual No. 1 from 1939 which has had some highly professional attention to its spine and corners resulting in a restored grade of Very Fine. It is followed by a No 3 with Korky’s Marching Band cover from the same stable, restored to Fine Minus.


D.C. Thomson file copies of The Dandy Nos 188-204 (Jul-Dec 1944) are also a rarity containing some wonderful propaganda war issues, one of which shows Desperate Dan digging a tunnel under Nelson’s Column, all the way to America to transport tanks, ammo, butter and (of course) lollipops back to England whilst the German Navy destroyers and U-boats patrolling the North Atlantic get so bored they scuttle themselves.


War years Dandys from 1943-45 follow in groups of four, as they sold so successfully in this format in February. The first 43 Beezers (missing No 30) in seven bound volumes are offered together at £700-1000. These issues are so difficult to find, let alone in this group’s high grades. A further run of Beezer complete years compliment the above.


Also published by D.C. Thomson, ‘Secrets’ was a comic offering ‘Thrills, Romance and Top Song Hits’ and we first auctioned this title last November and the vendor, being hugely pleased by more than £10 a copy then, has let us have four more lots from the 1950s to romance and thrill you.


Most issues of Cowboy Comics Library are here from Nos 2 to 185 with Western Library 1-50, Lion 1-36, Buster No 1, TV Express 286 (No 1) - 299 and the scarce Big One complete run 1-19.


There is a burgeoning artwork selection led by three action-packed early Dan Dare boards by Frank Hampson including a signed working sketch of Atlantine Army uniforms from the great man’s archive. Also featured are two 1920s Buffalo Bill Library covers by Robert Prowse, The Spider by Reg Bunn, Lazy Larry and Kidnapped by Dudley Watkins, Daughter of Lorna Doone by Ron Embleton, Maddock’s Marauders by Jordi Panalva, Charley’s War by Joe Colquhoun, Six Million Dollar Man by Martin Asbury, 2000AD’s Black Hawk by Massimo Bellardinelli and Judge Dredd by Sean Phillips. And don’t forget our two Dalek Plastic Injection kits, beautifully boxed, ready to assemble and exterminate.


Our US section is led by Avengers #1, Journey Into Mystery #83 and Tales of Suspense #39 with long runs of high grade cents copies including Fantastic Four, Avengers, Journey Into Mystery/Thor, Silver Surfer, Tales of Suspense, Action, Adventure, Batman, Detective and Superman, many from the last tranche of the wonderful Michael A. Cox comic-book archive.


Please enjoy our May-June catalogue


Malcolm Phillips
Comic Book Auctions Ltd.


Postal bids need to be with us by FRIDAY 2 JUNE and we will enter them on your behalf in Book Auctions website closing on Sunday 4 June from 2 pm.