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Autumn 2023 Market Report

BEANO No 1: £5500.00 – STRANGE TALES #110 cgc 5.5: £2150.00



As you might expect, the first Beano from 1938 was strongly contested. Bought by our vendor in the mid-1980s, it showed some edge wear and tears and had been professionally restored with clear archival tape to most of its page edges and a narrow piece missing from the RH lower cover edge had also been restored. 30 years later we graded it as [apparent vg]. ‘Apparent…’ meaning a comic that is graded the way it presents after restoration.

Having been initially bid to £2900, the lot’s final minutes weathered a storm of bidding, closing out at £5,500, the delighted winning bidder popping in a few days later to collect his hard-won prize.

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