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March, 2002 Results: US Golden Age Comics
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Our U.S. Golden Age Section starts here:

  Our U.S. section starts here:
203 Famous Funnies 26 (1936). Buck Rogers, Dan Dunn star. Owner signature to cover, well worn throughout [fr]
Winning Bid: 11
204 Eagle Comics 1 (1945). L B Cole cover art. High cover gloss, worn spine with inch tape to top and chip out of base. Clean creamy white pages [gd+]
Winning Bid: 40
205 Flash Gordon 1 (1950) Harvey. Alex Raymond art; bondage cover. Clean off-white pages. 3/8 inch cover tear [fn-]
Winning Bid: 74
206 M.D.1 (1955) E.C. Clean off-white pages, with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! 1 (1953) Harvey, two small invisible tape pieces to inside f/cover, and Tales of Terror 1 (1952) [vg/vg/gd] (3)
Winning Bid: 43
207 Action 236 (1958), Lois Lane 8, green doodle to cover. Cents copy [gd] (2)
Winning Bid: 24
208 Showcase 8 (1957) Second Flash. Invisible tape to inside cover spine and four edge tears, cover re-stapled, light tan/tan pages (with original staples). Cents copy [gd]
Winning Bid:
209 Showcase 10 Lois Lane. Vertical cover crease, detached cover, clean yellowing pages. Cents copy [gd]
Winning Bid: 62
210 Superboy 57 (1957). Cents [vg]
Winning Bid: 24
211 Superman 118 (1958) Death of Superman. Cents [vg]
Winning Bid: 28
212 Tales Of The Unexpected 21 (1958). Cents [vg-]
Winning Bid: 11
213 Dell/Harvey Selection (1957) Including Tarzan, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, New Funnies and Dennis The Menace. All cents. A few copies [gd] balance [vg/fn-] (32)
Winning Bid: 53

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