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June, 1999 Catalogue - Golden Age Comics
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Our US section starts here, with some rare early pulps.

Lot #
158 Amazing Stories Annual (1927) Experimenter. First publication of "The Master Mind of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and "Under The Knife" by H-G-Wells. Cover by Frank R-Paul. This was the only annual published [vg-]
Winning Bid: 164
159 Amazing Stories Vol 3: No 5 (1928) First ever Buck Rogers story, Armageddon - 2419 AD, by P-F-Nowlan. The Moth by H-G-Wells. Cover and illustrations by Frank R Paul [vg]
Winning Bid: 242
160 Amazing Stories Quarterly (Summer 1928) Cover and illustrations by Frank R Paul [vg-]
Winning Bid: 22
161 Amazing Stories Quarterly (Fall 1930) Cover by Leo Morey [gd]
Winning Bid: 11
162 Planet Comics 1 (1940) Fiction House. Auro Lord of Jupiter and Flint Baker begin. Will Eisner/Lou Fine cover art. Good cover colours, tan pages. Rare [vg]
Winning Bid: 1100
163 Flash Comics 1 (1940) Nat Periodical. Origin and first appearance of The Flash, The Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, The Whip and Cliff Cornwall. Shelly Moldoff cover art. Spine professionally restored; tears sealed and touched in; book lightly cleaned and pressed; clean off-white pages. Rare [apparent fn+]
Winning Bid: 2200
164 Captain Marvel 53 (1946) with Captain Marvel Jr 47 (1947) [fr/gd] (2)
Winning Bid: 28
165 Don Winslow 35 (1946) Fawcett. Rolled spine [vg-]
Winning Bid: 22
166 Terry And The Pirates 3 [actually No 1] (1947) Harvey. Milton Canniff's heroes versus The Dragon Lady; The Boy Explorers by Simon and Kirby. Full cover gloss, clean near white pages with light edge tan. Rare in this grade [vfn+]
Winning Bid: 132
167 Wow Comics 66 (1948) Tom Mix, Phantom Eagle. Rolled spine [vg-]
Winning Bid: 18
168 Real Western Hero 72 (1948) Fawcett. Hopalong Cassidy, Tom Mix. Painted cover [fn+]
Winning Bid: 33
169 Superboy 5 (1949) Superboy meets Supergirl. Classic cover [vg]
Winning Bid:
170 Strange Adventures 1 (1950) Destination Moon movie photo cover [vg]
Winning Bid: 303
171 Whiz 119 (1950) Fawcett. Capt Marvel, Ibis The Invincible [vg]
Winning Bid: 28
172 Strange Tales 7 (1952) Joe Maneely's "My Brother Talks To Bats", Joe Sinnott's "Tap, Tap, Tap" and Gene Colan's "He Wished He Was A Vampire". Good cover gloss, clean near white pages, grimy back cover has slight ink stain to top margin [fn+]
Winning Bid: 194
173 Strange Tales 15 (1953) Bernie Krigstein's "Mary And The Witch". High cover gloss, lower staple rusty [fn]
Winning Bid: 66
174 Captain 3 D No 1 (1953) Harvey. Complete with 2 extra pairs of Magic Specs. Wear and moisture stain to spine [vg]
Winning Bid: 19
175 Action 200 (1955) Superman's "Test Of A Warrior" [fn]
Winning Bid: 98
176 Sub-Mariner 38 (1955) Starring Syd Shores marine super-hero; the origin of his wings; last pre-code issue. Rare in this grade [vfn+]
Winning Bid: 368
177 Unusual Tales 11 (1958) Charlton. Four Ditko stories [fn-]
Winning Bid: 18
178 Detective 252 (1958) White spine [fn]
Winning Bid: 64
179 Mystery In Space 49 (1959) [fn]
Winning Bid: 94
180 Strange Worlds 3 (1959) [gd]
Winning Bid: 17
181 Strange Worlds 4 (1959) Marvel. Ditko, Williamson art. Full cover gloss, clean near white pages [vfn]
Winning Bid: 194
182 Strange Worlds 5 (1959) Steve Ditko art [fn-]
Winning Bid: 36

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