Comic Book Postal Auctions
June, 2004 Results
US Golden Age Comics

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Note: Prices Realised include 10% Buyer's Premium.


Action Comics 33 (1940)
Classic cover, origin of Mr America. Small eighth of an inch cut to centre cover going through all pages (possibly from a drawing pin), small piece of invisible tape to lower-right cover. Bright colours, creamy-white pages. Scarce robust copy [vg+]
Winning Bid: £375


Action 146 (1950)
Superman In Safe Hands!
Quarter-inch cover tear. Creamy-white pages [fn-]
Winning Bid: £110


Detective Comics 120 (1950)
Caged Penguin classic cover. Light ink residue to top cover margin. Bright colours, cream pages, centre page off lower staple [fn-]
Winning Bid: £290


Top-Notch Comics 3 (1940) MLJ
The Wizard stars. Small foxing spots at top cover edge, light tan pages [vg+]
Winning Bid: £187


Mid Fifties Mix
Adventures In Wonderland 1
(Lev Gleason); A Christmas Treasury 1 (Dell); Dell Junior Treasury 2 and Captain 3-D 1 (Harvey) with free Magic Specs. All Cents copies [vg-/vg+] (4)
Winning Bid: £20


Pogo Collection (1950s)
Pogo Possum (Dell) 5, 6, 7 (x 2), 8-10, 13, 14; Pogo Parade 1 with Simon & Schuster soft back books; Uncle Pogo So-So Stories; Pogo; I Go Pogo; The Return Of Pogo (1965). All Cents copies [vg/vg+] (14)
Winning Bid: £71

Our Horror 1950s Collection starts here:


Black Cat Mystery 50 (1954)
Charming radiation cover. Worn spine, cream /light tan pages. Rare [vg-]
Winning Bid: £172


Dark Mysteries 1 (1951) Master.
Wally Wood cover and story [fn-]
Winning Bid: £143


Fantastic Fears 5 (1954) Ajax Farrell.
Steve Ditko’s first work. Lower staple missing, Back cover margin has owner signature. Light tan pages. Rare. [vg]
Winning Bid: £105


Journey Into Fear 1 (1951) Superior.
Two Matt Baker reprint stories. High cover gloss, light tan pages [fn-]
Winning Bid: £103


Mysterious Adventures 1 (1951) Story Comics
Lower cover 4 inch tear taped on inside, cream/light tan pages [vg]
Winning Bid: £67


Thing 12 (1951) Ditko cover
Extensive chipping to top cover, spine wear [gd]
Winning Bid: £58


Venus 11 (1950) End Of The World cover
Cream light tan pages [vg]
Winning Bid: £121


MAD 1 (1952) E.C. Humor In A Jugular Vein
Bright cover, with quarter inch tear, slight staple rust, medium tan pages [fn-]
Winning Bid: £825


Bright cover, light staple rust, light tan pages [fn]
Winning Bid: £302


Strange Worlds 1 (1958) Flying Saucer cover, Kirby & Ditko art.
High cover gloss, light ‘arrival’ date, cream / off-white pages [fn+]
Winning Bid: £176


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