Comic Book Postal Auctions
June, 2003 Results
US Golden Age Comics

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Note: Prices Realised include 10% Buyer's Premium.


Buster Brown At Home (1913)
by R.F. Outcault. F.A. Stokes USA, rebound in plain covers by W & R Chambers of Edinburgh & London. 62 pp. with three further re-bound Buster Brown issues from 1914 onward. 16 x 10 ins. One book has loss and extensive tears to pages 1 & 2 [gd], others [vg/fn] (4)
Winning Bid: 115


Bringing Up Father (1919) Series 1, 2. Cupples & Leon. NY [gd] (2) with Star Weekly Comics (1962-64) Toronto, 13 issues including Li’l Abner, Prince Valiant, Dick Tracy, Buck Rogers and Popeye [vg/fn-] (15)
Winning Bid: 36


Captain Future 1-17 (1940-44) Complete seventeen issue run and Startling Stories: 11 issues between 1940-1951 (all with Captain Future stories) and letter by Captain Future author Edmond Hamilton dated May 9 1967 detailing his writing, history, pen-names and mentioning his friend Ray Bradbury; typed back and front and signed. Most covers fully or half clear-taped for protection. Mainly [gd/vg], a few issues [fr], a few [fn] (29)
Winning Bid: 303


Captain America 32 (1943) Shores Bucky bondage cover. Loose cover, tape residue to three spine areas. Lower spine – bug chew. Piece missing by centre staple [gd]
Winning Bid: 157


Classics Illustrated 33 (1947) The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes HRN 98. Cents copy. Mail crease to cover [gd]
Winning Bid: 39


Human Torch 7 (1942) Schomburg first Japanese war cover. Spine restored and cover neatly re-attached. Amateur staple marks to inside pages near spine. Centre page loose with tape to edges. Apparent [vg]
Winning Bid: 218


Superman 4 (1940) Arch-enemy cover. Four Superman stories, two starring the ginger-haired Lex Luthor. Detached cover, weak spine with one inch tape to top, two inches tape to base. Supple light tan pages [gd]
Winning Bid: 400


Astounding Stories artwork from July 1946 by Swenson. B & W illustration from ‘Stability’ story by A. Bertram Chandler. 9 x 7 inches
Winning Bid: 44


New Worlds (1940s) artwork
drawn and signed by Gerard Quinn.
Black & white. 8 x 6 inches
Winning Bid: 61


Science Fantasy 11 colour artwork (1954) painted and signed by Gerard Quinn from ‘Live Forever’ story by J T McIntosh. 10 x 9 inches
Winning Bid: 71


Terror Illustrated 1 (1955) E.C.
With Crime Illustrated 1, 2 (1955) and Confessions Illustrated 1 (1956). Light tan pages
[vfn-/vg+/vg+/fn] (4)
Winning Bid: 165


Zago 4 (1949) Fox. Matt Baker cover art. Light tan pages, foxing spots to top back cover [fn-]
Winning Bid: 74

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