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HEROS ARTWORK: £5,700.00 FANTASTIC FOUR #1: £4,850.00


We start our Market Report with another magnificent piece of Heros The Spartan artwork whose Roman adventures dominated the centre spread of Eagle in the 1960s and has sold for £5,700, continuing to underline the immense popularity of artist, Frank Bellamy.

An artwork of Daily Mirror favourite, Jane, signed by artist, Norman Pett was produced for the Mirror’s Coronation issue in 1937 and had the provenance of being from the Bob Monkhouse archive. Estimated at £150-200 Jane outstripped all expectations as she was taken away for £1240


Here is Dandy No 8 from 1938 selling for £390


And a 1947 complete year (issued fortnightly due to continuing post-war paper shortages) in a bound volume at £540



A huge online bidding battle for Beano 6 and 7 resulted in £2850 being successfully bid for each copy.


This 1940 half year of Sexton Blake Library consisted of issues 701-722 and this scarce high-grade wartime run was good value at £260


Here is an original artwork of a Sexton Blake cover from 1951. It shows illustrator, Eric Parker at the height of his powers as he drew Sexton Blake for over thirty years. In this rendition he surreptitiously initialled his work in the car’s number plate ‘ERP 51’ adding the year. It accelerated to £440


Normally, a good run of seven Batman 1950s Australian reprints might get £10 or so a copy. The only difference here was issue 109 where Mr Zero’s first appearance (actually Mr Freeze) is a key issue in the US. Consequently this group of seven issues was taken to a heady £460 as the stratospheric values of US Golden and Silver Age keys are out of the range of many collectors’ pockets.


Dudley Watkin’s original 1953 cover artwork of The Beano’s Biffo, Buster and the butcher brought £720. Bully-beef.


Only this scarce UK originated art edition of Classics Illustrated 163: The Argonauts was printed. There was no equivalent US copy and £370 was the resultant winning bid.


From a true story, the Reno brothers were the first identified US train robbers and here they are holding up the Jefferson Madison and Indiana railroad. Artist Denis McLoughlin’s understanding and rendition of perspective is brilliantly captured in this all-action double-page artwork for the Buffalo Bill Annual No 10 in 1958. £410 seemed a small price to pay.


Volume 1 of the Eagle’s junior paper, Swift contained the first 41 issues starring Tarna Jungle Boy, Michael Bentine and The Bumblies, Sir Boldasbrass by John Ryan and Paul English by Frank Bellamy and £260 was successfully tendered.


The first Topper was accompanied here by its original 4-page Flyer and made £220



Seven Christmas Toppers issues from the first one in 1953 up to 1959 made just over £70 each. Dudley Watkins’ Treasure Island indeed.



This copy of the first Dandy-Beano Summer Special was printed in 1963 and was the first publication to combine Beano and Dandy characters. £320 told their story


Another bidding battle ensued over this 1969 bound volume of The Dandy with £390 taking it into the library of a keen collector.


A 4 page original art episode of Charley’s War from Battle-Action in 1979 by Joe Colquhoun detailed the horrors of WW1 with Charley Bourne and his Westshires charging headlong into the enemy flamethrowers. £1200


The final series of 3 artworks of Frank Bellamy’s Garth from the Bob Monkhouse archive was knocked down for £1180



Our US section continued with a very nice CGC 7.0 of Batman 34 for £540



Flash Comics 43 CGC 8.0 followed at £520



And a low grade run of Crime SuspenseStories strong-armed £320



Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 3.0 and #19 CGC 8.0 took £250 each



The Punisher has Spidey in his sights at £440 whilst a CGC 9.6 Giant-Size impresses at £230



The Eternals are highly collectable now and the first eighteen issues gathered £250



Our CGC 2.5 pence copy sold well at a Fantastic £4850 as even the low grade keys journey ever upward in value.



The in demand issue #55 of Iron Man was offered here in [vfn-] grade and pumped an impressive £240



Russ Heath’s artwork of The Sea Devils in their first Showcase appearance was not missed by collectors here and in the US and £1300 was duly netted.



A mid-grade Detective #400 made £220 whilst hot book of the moment, Batman #251 [fn-] carded £220. At the time of writing the Joker/Batman cover artwork of Batman #251 by Neal Adams has just sold at Heritage Auctions for $600,000. POW!



The Eagle’s creator, Frank Hampson drew this original cover artwork of Dan Dare in 1959 and we were privileged to offer it on behalf of one of our favourite charities, Home from Home. Based in South Africa, they care for over 200 vulnerable children through a network of purpose-built small family homes. The hope is that one day the orphans will be united with their biological families or, failing that, Home from Home will continue to provide them with the best possible foundation to lead happy, successful lives.

The £920 generously paid for the artwork goes a long way in helping that meritorious cause.



Happy holidays,


Malcolm Phillips
Comic Book Auctions Ltd.