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Lot # 40:

The Adventures of Dick Boss No 1 (1947) by Alfred Mazure printed in the Netherlands (English language)
A 212 pg booklet published by the Literary Press Ltd, London
4½ x 3 ins, b + w illustrations to every page.
Dick 'Bos' was created by Alfred Mazure ('Maz') in 1940 and became The Netherlands first comic book hero. A private eye fluent in six languages, Dick was a black belt in Judo, an expert in Jiu-Jitsu and a crack shot. During the German occupation the huge popularity of Dick Boss's fictional detective adventures came to the attention of the Nazi propaganda machine who offered Mazure safe status and a million issue print run if he transformed Boss into a Nazi spy. Mazure refused and his publications were subsequently banned until the end of WWII. Amazingly, the Germans did not know he was a member of the Dutch Resistance. Today Dick Boss and his creator have legendary status and their scarce original No 1 and No 2 publications are keenly collected [vg+]