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Dear Compal customers, welcome to our May auction. The catalogue is open for bidding at thesaleroom. Click here to place realtime bids at You can browse auction lots here. Click here to browse the catalogue.


In our last catalogue The Woodard Archive of British Comics continued to impress with strong results. Topper 1-50 in a bound volume made £1420, a near complete run of Beano comics from 1960 took £920 and the first 45 Victors from 1961 flew with Braddock to £480.


Highlights from The Archive this time include Beezers 1-50 and 103-154, complete years in bound volumes, the first two years of Bunty from 1958-59, full years of Buster 1963-64 and The Beano No 1242 from 1966 which appeared on the front of John Mayall and Eric Clapton’s Bluesbreakers LP known as the ‘Beano Album’. Both are included at lot 75. The low print run Eagle No 1 promotional issue also seeks your attention at lot 61.



We have some scarce Australian reprints on offer starting with Kit Carson, King of the West – all 44 issues published in Sydney from 1949. These full size comics were Amalgamated Press’s template for the hugely successful digest-size Cowboy Comics/Picture Library that was printed in the UK from 1952 once paper stocks became more available in post-war Europe. We do not know of another complete set in existence. They are followed by strong Aussie runs of The Phantom, Jumbo, Jungle and Kaanga comics, Batman, Super Adventure, Superboy and Superman (with No 18: ‘The Origin of Superman’ offered separately at lot 71).


British reprints of U.S. comics are also gaining price momentum and we have the Arnold Book Company’s Black Magic issues – all 16 of them and the rare Black Magic Album No 1 (They advertised Album No 2 on the back, but according to our research, it was never published). R & L Locker’s Planet Comics 2, 3 and 4 are at lot 67 with Trent Book Co’s Fight 2 & 3 and Wings 1-3 also here.


Our original artwork selection is led by a Broons Family Portrait by Dudley Watkins from 1954, two Frank Bellamy Dan Dare/Eagle boards, a key selection of Charley’s War pages by Joe Colquhoun, Dr Who by Jim Baikie from Countdown Annual No 1 and The Collector four-page story ‘Yellow Fever’ artwork by Ron Turner.


Our U.S. Golden Age section starts with EC’s Crime and Shock SuspenStories, Weird Science and Weird Fantasy titles followed by Jumbo, Jungle, Lorna Jungle Girl, Jo-Jo, Fight, Wings and Zoot comics. Patsy and Hedy, Sherry the Showgirl and an original 1940 artwork board of Dr Voodoo by Mac Raboy completes this exciting line-up.


Our Silver Age highlights include Amazing Spider-Man #1, Avengers #1, Hulk #1, Fantastic Four #5, 7, 9, 12 and 52, Journey Into Mystery #87, 107 and 109, Strange Tales #101, 104, 108, X-Men #2 and 9 with runs of Action, Adventure and Batman. And there’s original artwork of Iron Man, Master of King-Fu, Shanna and Sub-Mariner. Plenty of chocolates in the box to enjoy.


Malcolm Phillips
Comic Book Auctions Ltd.


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