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Dear Compal customers, the February auction has closed. Please return soon to review prices realised in this auction, and for the latest comic book Market Report by Compalcomics Director Malcolm Phillips.


The first tranche of The Woodard Archive of British Comics was extremely well received in our recent November auction. The full 242 issue run of TV Century 21 went for a hammer price of £3350.00, Lady Penelope’s 1-122 complete run made £3000 and the full 31 issues of Solo took £1180.00 – all new records for these very popular titles.





The second Woodard tranche this February includes the first issue of Knock-Out from 1939, Lion 1-50 with all free gifts, Topper 1 – 50 in a bound volume, TV Comic with Doctor Who front cover illustrations and stories and Victor 1-45 with more free gifts.


A scarce complete run of Australian Buck Jones Cowboy Comics – all 36 issues, are at lot 10. Printed by Land Newspapers in 1949 they were the template for Amalgamated Press’s hugely successful Cowboy Picture Library series which started publication in the UK three years later. Beano and Dandy comics are well represented in the 1950s, mostly in smaller runs estimated at under £80 each lot. The Buster complete years of 1962 and 1965 are also here in impossibly high grades with all their free gifts.


Our key original artwork selection is led by two bright Dan Dare/Eagle boards, one by Frank Hampson, the other by Frank Bellamy, quick–on–the-draw Cisco Kid, Kit Carson and John Wayne WDL covers and four sets of Charley’s War, one containing a Battle comic front cover paste-up. Also there’s a complete 1957 Terry-Thomas artwork by Terry Wakefield for Film Fun. “Oh! I sa-ay”


Our U.S Golden Age section starts with a strong run of 1950s horror comics including Tales from the Crypt, Tomb of Terror, Uncanny Tales, Vault of Horror, Web of Mystery and Voodoo – talking of which we are offering a scarce 1940 original artwork of Dr. Voodoo by Mac Raboy from Whiz Comics #11, it’s at lot 105.


Our Silver Age highlights include Amazing Spider-Man 55 CGC 9.4, a #129 Punisher cents copy in [vfn+], Avenger #3 and 6, Fantastic Four #4, 6, 7, 48-50 and 52, Hulk #5, Journey into Mystery, Silver Surfer, Strange Tales #108 and 116 in high grades, X-Men, Adventure #304-317 all cents copies [vfn/vfn+], Batman, Detective, JLA and Superman.


Please enjoy our February catalogue


Malcolm Phillips
Comic Book Auctions Ltd.


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